Business Astrology


Business Astrology covers a wide variety of services and products. The common theme is a structured approach to identifying key areas in any small or medium sized business, typically an astrological SWOT analysis. There are, however, many other areas where business astrology proves useful.

One such area where Business Astrology is widely used is in determining whether a company is following the right strategy based on a vision adequately in tune with the company’s astrological profile.

Further it is very effective when deciding on the right time for new ventures or change of direction of the company (Electional Astrology).

Finally Business Astrology is a very powerful tool in connection with the hiring process and in connection with determining whether to take on a particular client or customer.

BISBO ASTROLOGY offers the following services for small and medium sized companies:

  • Astrological SWOT analysis
  • Electional Astrology
  • Assistance in hiring of key staff
  • Assistance in determining the compatibility between the company and a prospective client or customer

All prices will be quoted individually based on the specific situation taking into consideration the size of the company and the nature of the service. Please contact us for more information.