Personal Astrology

Personal astrology covers a wide area of person centered astrology from a complete personal analysis, including a 1-year forecast, to very detailed investigations into for example your job situation and potentials, your financial situation and outlook and close personal relationships. Also birth charts for children, “Babyscopes”, are available.

No course of life is carved in stone and we are all to a certain degree masters of our own lives. Astrology can help you identify your talents and potentials as well as point out challenging aspects of your life. Astrology can also lend advice to when you should be particularly alert and open to new opportunities and when to be more careful in your actions.

For a full overview with explanations of the individual services, please see under “PRICES”.

With a very large part of the work in connection with a consultation taking place before the consultation  some important information is needed. See here: Bisbo Astrology – ESSENTIAL INFORMATION PRIOR TO THE CONSULTATION